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How can I contact my family member?

Incoming phone calls are not accepted at the facility pay phones. Your family member has to make outgoing calls to you. Payphones accept quarters and phone cards.

You may write to your family member using the United States Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx.

Use the following address format:
Client Name
c/o Oriana House, Inc.
3540 Croton Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115 

How can I visit my family member?

All visitors (including minors) must be approved by the Cuyahoga County Adult Probation Department. To get this approval your family member will be requesting some information from you and submit it for approval. Approval typically takes approximately 7 days. Once approved your family member must sign you up for visitation. Visiting hours are on Saturday and Sunday in 50 minute increments beginning at 12 pm and ending at 4 pm. 

What types of items can I bring to my family member?

Your family member or facility staff can provide you with a list of items that are permitted in the facility as well as how many of each item clients are permitted at one time.

You may drop off money in the form of cash or money order. This money may be deposited into your loved one’s account and accessed weekly.

Clients use this money to purchase vending machine items. Clients are permitted to have cigarettes in the facility, but they must be brought in unopened. Only factory rolled, non-flavored cigarettes are permitted. Clients are not permitted to have cigarette lighters, but have access to one during smoke breaks.

Commonly forgotten items that are helpful for clients to have include: Toiletries (new and unopened), toothpaste (no alcohol), toothbrush, razor, shower shoes, batteries, hangers (plastic), CD player, bathing towel, wash cloth, robe, reading material (books, magazines, etc.), laundry detergent (Tide, Dreft, Era, Cheer, All).

Prohibited items include but are not limited to: Personal bedding (sheets, blankets, etc), personal music devices with photo or video capabilities (mp3 or IPods), aerosol cans, mouthwash or toothpaste containing alcohol, fabric softener sheets or liquid, bleach, prohibited laundry detergents, lighters, cell phones, wire hangers, and loose tobacco products. 

When will my loved one be released? Get a pass?

A client’s successful release from the program is based on their individual program requirements. The maximum length of stay in the facility is 6 months. Many clients are released prior to that based on their progress in the program. The clients Caseworker can provide more detailed information directly to the client about a target release date.

Passes are also earned on an individual basis based on program compliance and risk level. Clients must be following facility rules, attending required programming, meeting their weekly activities, and have completed their facility confinement prior to earning a pass. Progression passes require a landline telephone and staff verification before being approved. 

What types of programs are offered to help my loved one?

The CBCF offers a variety of classes to assist your loved one in making positive life changes. These classes include but are not limited to: education, employment readiness, cognitive skills, substance abuse/dependency, anger management, and financial literacy/budgeting. Some programs are required before clients are successfully released from the program. If there is a specific program your family member is interested in he can speak to his Caseworker for more information.

CBCF Risk Based Treatment Programming Description